World War 2

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Release Date: 2016-11-22
Number of pages: 152
Author: Ryan Jenkins
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Download and read online World War 2 in PDF and EPUB Evil or Desperate? The Secrets of the SS Waffen Soldiers Updated 4th Edition - with more Waffen SS Stories! ~ Read Free with Kindle Unlimited ~BONUS RIGHT AFTER THE CONCLUSION - Act Now Before It's Gone! The Nazi Germany Regime was brutal and inhumane. The atrocities that were committed by the Nazi's will remain a shameful chapter in history for possibly centuries to come. This book takes a look at the SS Waffen, Hitler's elite forces. Beginning with a coup at the start of the war, the elite SS Waffen came to be known as the best and the most brutal. While it had it's start with pure German forces, the Waffen later accepted those from other sympathetic countries. These are some of their stories. There is the story of a Belgium soldier that started a revolution in his home country and later joined the Nazi ranks. He continued to recruit for their cause while leading troops. Starting as a low man in the trenches he worked his way to be a trusted leader. Read his story of narrowly escaping the Soviet Union and his attempt to save the lives of others. Then there is the story of a disgruntle Austrian that was itching to fight for Germany. After his home state changed to Italian soil, he served his time with the Italian army before journeying to Germany. He is known as the King of Close Combat for his time on the battle field. He has a recorded record of 84 close combat encounters. This is not days but separate battles in which hand to hand combat was needed. What would drive a man to risk his life so many times? This book takes a look at the other side of the lines without judgement or endorsement. If you ever wondered what happened on the other side of the battle, this is the perfect place to start. You won't regret reading the stories of these SS soldiers. Don't Wait - DOWNLOAD NOW! Scroll up to Buy with One-Click

Eyewitness to Hell

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Release Date: 2010-03-18
Number of pages: 271
Author: Erich Stahl
Publisher: Ryton Publishing

Download and read online Eyewitness to Hell in PDF and EPUB Acutely observed firsthand account of combat on the Eastern Front Glimpse into the mindset of the average German soldier Covers Stalingrad and other battles While the Waffen-SS has become legendary as an elite fighting force in World War II, there are few accounts that present the human face of those fearsome formations. Erich Stahl was a professional journalist assigned to cover some of the most famous of these units--the 1st SS Panzer Division "Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler," the 5th SS Panzer Division "Wiking," and the Dutch and Ukrainian volunteers serving with the SS--but with a twist: he actually pulled duty as a soldier in the front lines, where he experienced all the hardships, privations, and gut-wrenching emotions of the men who fought the Soviets.

Crimes Against the Wehrmacht

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Release Date: 2015-05-19
Number of pages: 482
Author: Carlos Porter

Download and read online Crimes Against the Wehrmacht in PDF and EPUB Franz W. Seidler is a Professor of Modern History at the University of the Bundeswehr, Munich. Dr. Seidler's principal field of research is World War II. This book is intended to provide a picture of the dangers posed to every German soldier by the Red Army's conduct of partisan warfare in violation of international law. The book provides full documentation of over 300 Soviet war crimes committed in 1941-1942, accompanied by exact descriptions, many of them proven in detail by eyewitness statements and horrifying photographic evidence. Even Goebbels' propaganda ministry was compelled to keep silent about these atrocities for fear of their possible effects on the morale of the domestic front. Only now is the full truth of the matter revealed. The photographs - more than 100 of them - are enough to make the reader's blood run cold. The book is a shocking indictment of an army which committed truly shocking, and unpunished, war crimes - Stalin's Red Army.

Voices of the Waffen SS

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ISBN: 1512331481
Release Date: 2015-11-16
Number of pages: 300
Author: Gerry Villani
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Download and read online Voices of the Waffen SS in PDF and EPUB The Waffen SS or the Armed SS were Hitler's elite forces during WWII. They were the forces that were feared by the enemy and praised by their allies. The two lightning bolts on the collar tabs and on their helmets were the mark of the soldiers of the New Order believing in the final victory of the Reich. The Waffen SS grew into a huge force of thirty-eight combat divisions comprising over 950,000 men. In the Nuremberg Trials, the Waffen SS was condemned as part of a criminal organisation, and therefore Waffen SS veterans were denied many of the rights afforded other German combat veterans. However the Nuremberg Trials exempted conscripts from that condemnation. On several occasions, the Waffen SS was criticised by Heer commanders for their reckless disregard for casualties while taking or holding objectives. However, the Waffen SS divisions eventually proved themselves to a skeptical Heer as capable soldiers. The poor initial performance of the Waffen SS units was mainly due to the emphasis on political indoctrination rather than proper military training before the war. This was largely due to the shortage of experienced NCOs, who preferred to stay with the regular army. Despite this, the experience gained from the Polish, French and Balkan campaigns and the peculiarly egalitarian form of training soon turned Waffen SS units into elite formations. These are the stories of the men that once were part of this elite force. In this book you get a bit of history about the SS and Waffen SS, the war crimes committed by them and against them, their training, but most important of all you'll get the stories from veterans of the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, Das Reich, Totenkopf, Wiking, Hohenstaufen, Maria Theresia, Langemarck, SS-Fallschirmjagerbataillon 500 and Luftwaffe Fallschirmjager, Italien, Wallonie, Nederland, 1st Estonian, and the notorious Dirlewanger Brigade. Seven decades after the war they finally have a voice..."

F r Volk and F hrer

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ISBN: 9781909384538
Release Date: 2013-10-19
Number of pages: 256
Author: Erwin Bartmann
Publisher: Helion and Company

Download and read online F r Volk and F hrer in PDF and EPUB Like many Germans, Berlin schoolboy Erwin Bartmann fell under the spell of the Zeitgeist cultivated by the Nazis. Convinced he was growing up in the best country in the world, he dreamt of joining the Leibstandarte, Hitler's elite Waffen SS unit. Tall, blond, blue-eyed, and just seventeen-years-old, Erwin fulfilled his dream on Mayday 1941, when he gave up his apprenticeship at the Glaser bakery in Memeler Strasse and walked into the Lichterfelde barracks in Berlin as a raw, volunteer recruit. On arrival at the Eastern Front in late summer 1941, Erwin was assigned to a frontline communications squad attached to 4.Kompanie and soon discovered that survival was a matter of luck - or the protection of a guardian angel. Good fortune finally deserted Erwin on 11 July 1943 when shrapnel sizzled through his lung during the epic Battle of Kursk-Prokhorovka. Following a period of recovery, and promotion to Unterscharführer, Erwin took up a post as machine-gun instructor with the Ausbildung und Ersatz Bataillon, a training unit based close to the eastern section of the Berliner Ring Autobahn. When the Red Army launched its massive assault on the Seelow Heights, Erwin's unit, now incorporated into Regiment Falke, was deployed to the southern flank of the Berlin-Frankfurt Autobahn, close to the River Oder. The German defenses soon crumbled and with the end of the Reich inevitable, Erwin was forced to choose between a struggle for personal survival and the fulfillment of his SS oath of 'loyalty unto death’. From the war on the southern sector of the Eastern Front to a bomb-shattered Berlin populated largely by old men and demoralized lonely women, this candid eyewitness account offers a unique and sometimes surprising perspective on the life of a young Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler volunteer.

D Day

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Release Date: 2013-04-23
Number of pages: 656
Author: Stephen E. Ambrose
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online D Day in PDF and EPUB Stephen E. Ambrose’s D-Day is the definitive history of World War II’s most pivotal battle, a day that changed the course of history. D-Day is the epic story of men at the most demanding moment of their lives, when the horrors, complexities, and triumphs of life are laid bare. Distinguished historian Stephen E. Ambrose portrays the faces of courage and heroism, fear and determination—what Eisenhower called “the fury of an aroused democracy”—that shaped the victory of the citizen soldiers whom Hitler had disparaged.Drawing on more than 1,400 interviews with American, British, Canadian, French, and German veterans, Ambrose reveals how the original plans for the invasion had to be abandoned, and how enlisted men and junior officers acted on their own initiative when they realized that nothing was as they were told it would be. The action begins at midnight, June 5/6, when the first British and American airborne troops jumped into France. It ends at midnight June 6/7. Focusing on those pivotal twenty-four hours, it moves from the level of Supreme Commander to that of a French child, from General Omar Bradley to an American paratrooper, from Field Marshal Montgomery to a German sergeant. Ambrose’s D-Day is the finest account of one of our history’s most important days.

We Will Not Go to Tuapse

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ISBN: 1910777242
Release Date: 2016-02-25
Number of pages: 400
Author: Fernand Kaisergruber

Download and read online We Will Not Go to Tuapse in PDF and EPUB This is a classic soldier's chronicle, told in unvarnished candor, about the author's experiences as a volunteer with the Wallonian Legion of the German Army and later the 5th SS Volunteer Assault Brigade Wallonien and the 28th SS Volunteer Grenadier Division Wallonien. However, it also ventures far beyond the usual soldier's story and approaches a travelogue of the Eastern Front campaign, seldom attained by the memoirs of the period. His self-published book in French is highly regarded by Belgian historian and expert on these volunteers Eddy de Bruyne, and Battle of Cherkassy author Douglas Nash. This book merits attention as the SS volunteer equivalent of Guy Sajer's The Forgotten Soldier, a bestseller in the USA and Europe. By comparison, Kaisergruber's story has the advantage of being completely verifiable by documents and serious historical narratives already published, such as Eddy de Bruyne's For Rex and for Belgium and Kenneth Estes' European Anabasis. Until recent years, very little was known of the tens of thousands of foreign nationals from Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France and Spain who served voluntarily in the military formations of the German Army and the German Waffen-SS. In Kaisergruber's book, the reader discovers important issues of collaboration, the apparent contributions of the volunteers to the German war effort, their varied experiences, their motives, the attitude of the German High Command and bureaucracy, and the reaction to these in the occupied countries. The combat experiences of the Walloons echoed those of the very best volunteer units of the Waffen-SS, although they shared equally in the collapse of the Third Reich in May, 1945. Although unapologetic for his service, Kaisergruber makes no special claims for the German cause and writes not from any postwar apologia and dogma, but instead from his firsthand observations as a young man experiencing war for the first time, extending far beyond what had been imaginable at the time. His observations of fellow soldiers, commanders, Russian civilians and the battlefields prove poignant and telling. They remain as fresh as when he first wrote some of them down in his travel diary, 'Pensées fugitives et Souvenirs (1941-46)'. Fernand Kaisergruber draws upon his contemporary diaries, those of his comrades and his later work with them while secretary of their postwar veteran's league to present a thoroughly engaging epic.

The Myth of German Villainy

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ISBN: 9781477231814
Release Date: 2012-07-03
Number of pages: 460
Author: Benton L. Bradberry
Publisher: AuthorHouse

Download and read online The Myth of German Villainy in PDF and EPUB As the title “The Myth of German Villainy” indicates, this book is about the mischaracterization of Germany as history’s ultimate “villain.” The “official” story of Western Civilization in the twentieth century casts Germany as the disturber of the peace in Europe, and the cause of both World War I and World War II, though the facts don’t bear that out. During both wars, fantastic atrocity stories were invented by Allied propaganda to create hatred of the German people for the purpose of bringing public opinion around to support the wars. The “Holocaust” propaganda which emerged after World War II further solidified this image of Germany as history’s ultimate villain. But how true is this “official” story? Was Germany really history’s ultimate villain? In this book, the author paints a different picture. He explains that Germany was not the perpetrator of World War I nor World War II, but instead, was the victim of Allied aggression in both wars. The instability wrought by World War I made the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia possible, which brought world Communism into existence. Hitler and Germany recognized world Communism, with its base in the Soviet Union, as an existential threat to Western, Christian Civilization, and he dedicated himself and Germany to a death struggle against it. Far from being the disturber of European peace, Germany served as a bulwark which prevented Communist revolution from sweeping over Europe. The pity was that the United States and Britain did not see Communist Russia in the same light, ultimately with disastrous consequences for Western Civilization. The author believes that Britain and the United States joined the wrong side in the war.

Soldiers of Evil

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ISBN: UOM:39015024770060
Release Date: 1988
Number of pages: 304
Author: Tôm Segev

Download and read online Soldiers of Evil in PDF and EPUB

The Bunker

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ISBN: 0786743883
Release Date: 2008-12-15
Number of pages: 424
Author: James P. O'donnell
Publisher: Da Capo Press

Download and read online The Bunker in PDF and EPUB Here is an unforgettable, graphic account of the final days in the Führer's headquarters, deep under the shattered city of Berlin as World War II in Europe drew to a close. From James P. O'Donnell's interviews with fifty eyewitnesses to the madness and carnage—everyone from Albert Speer to generals, staff officers, doctors, Hitler's personal pilot, telephone operators, and secretaries—emerges an account that historian Theodore H. White has hailed as "superb . . . quite simply the most accurate and terrifying account of the nightmare and its end I have ever read."

Military History

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Release Date: 1999-04
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Download and read online Military History in PDF and EPUB